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Banks like RBC invest heavily in building a positive brand perception with young customers, including programs like the RBC OnCampus branches. At the same time, they fund billions of dollars in fossil fuel expansion, violating Indigenous rights and destroying our liveable futures on a healthy planet. If we target banks at our schools and damage their reputation by kicking them off our campuses, we can push them to divest from fossil fuels and respect Indigenous sovereignty, or risk losing future customers and talent from Canada's universities.
A photo of a Lakehead University protest at a Thunder Bay RBC branch. News crews surround a white woman with blonde hair and bangs, she holds a sigb that reads "RBC respect Wet'suwet'en land." Signs behind her read "RBC canadas worst fossil fuel funding bank" and "Fund futures not pipelines."

The largest financiers of climate disaster in the country have no place on our campuses.

Students across so-called Canada are calling for our student unions and universities to end their partnerships with the Big 5 by:

  • Closing accounts with the Big 5 and moving to credit unions
  • Kicking out ‘RBC On Campus’ kiosks and other on campus bank branches
  • Ending bank sponsorships of events and award

We’re building a mass movement of student organizers pushing banks to ditch their dirty investments or lose their access to students on our campuses. Student groups engage in a variety of tactics to spread awareness, grow our movement, and put pressure on the banks. From flyering and tabling, to rallies and sit-ins, each campus group is engaged in a unique campaign adding to the national movement against fossil fuel funding banks on campuses.

Call on your school to kick banks off campus!

Students from coast to coast are kicking banks off campus!

A beige background with a lighter cream map of Canada. Black stars are placed on the map everywhere the Banks Off Campus campaign is active; Victoria, Okanagan, Burnaby, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, Thunder Bay, Windsor, Toronto, York, Hamilton, London, Kingston, Montreal, Quebec City, Nova Scotia.

Whether sponsoring case competitions, offering scholarships or opening on campus branches, the Big Banks pour millions of dollars every year into buying student support at universities and colleges. They use campuses as recruiting grounds for customers and future workers, and they establish legitimacy by partnering with student unions and universities.

In doing so, they aim to portray themselves as champions of youth and students. For example, RBC’s Future Launch program purportedly aims to empower youth for the future. In the past few years, RBC has set up dozens of RBC OnCampus branches to improve its brand among students.

Yet the Big 5’s financing decisions run directly in contrast with both their own commitments to young people and our university’s missions to prepare students for our futures. Climate wrecking banks have no place in our education!

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