A beige background with illustrated figures in shades of brown, pink, maroon, and khaki. Folks of different heights, abilities, races and genders holding signs that read "shame," "divest," "fossil fools," "divest now," and "just recovery." They are walking together across the frame, looking at one another and smiling confidently. Flowers grow from their arms and from one of their wheelchairs.

A youth-led movement ushering in the end of fossil fuel financing

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Canadian banks are funding climate change

Our world is ravaged by historic heat waves, wildfires, flooding and climate disasters. Young people are working to prepare for our futures, but big banks are funding billions of dollars to destroy them.

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$54.7 Billion
In 2022, RBC was the #1 worst financier of fossil fuels in the world, having pumped over $54.7 billion into fossil fuel in the last year.
RBC, TD, Scotiabank, BMO and CIBC poured over $1.1 trillion into fossil fuels since 2016
Canada's Big Five Banks all increased their fossil fuel financing and funded a combined $165 billion to fossil fuel expansion.
Canada’s Big Five Banks increased their fossil fuel financing by 70% last year, all while pledging to be “net-zero” by 2050.
A grey university building with many long narrow windows. A strip of blue sky above. A large white banner hands over the roof covering more than a storey of the building. The banner reads "RBC FUCK OFF END FOSSIL FINANCE NOW."

It’s time to Change Course.

Young people are demanding a better future from banks. Across the country, students are kicking fossil fuel funding banks off our campuses. We're sending a clear message to RBC and all fossil fuel funding banks- divest from fossil fuels and respect Indigenous sovereignty or we - your future clients - will walk away.

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Call on your school to kick #BanksOffCampus

Join our movement!

Take the banking pledge

Pledge to move your money out of fossil fuel funding banks! We refuse to bank with these institutions, until they make meaningful commitments to climate, Indigenous Sovereignty, and all forms of life, locally, globally, now, and into the future.

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Take action on campus

Join hundreds of youth across the country taking action to kick banks off campus! Get involved in your campus chapter, or start a new one with support from our staff. Until banks divest from fossil fuels and respect Indigenous sovereignty, they are not welcome on our campuses.

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A photo of the back of an organizers head facing a crowd. They are wearing a dark blue hoodie and black winter hat, holding a red and white megaphone, chanting to the crowd. Folks in the crowd hold signs and a banner against RBC.

About Us

Change Course is a youth-led nonprofit based in so-called Canada. We support grassroots organizing on campuses and in communities, targeting fossil fuel funding banks, and advocating for climate justice and Indigenous Sovereignty. Together we are demanding an end to all financial support for the fossil fuel industry.

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