A white woman with brown hair and glasses smiling. They are standing against a winter treelined path, wearing a black puffer coat and wearing beaded earrings.

Alyssa Scanga (she/they)

works on social media and digital communications. She also organizes for climate justice in her hometown and on her university campus, as part of Climate Justice Durham and Sustainable Trent.

Celine Isimbi (she/her)

is a Campus Organizing Lead. She believes that solidarity needs to go beyond colonial borders and understands all struggles are connected. Celine strives to use a pan-Africanist informed approach to organize in the spirit of the revolutionary power of the African people from which she descends.

A Chinese woman with a black bob and glasses smiling. She is wearing a black shirt and standing against a colourful mural.

Chloe Tse (she/her)

is the Toronto Organizer. She got her start in organizing at Fridays for Future Toronto and currently co-chairs the Toronto Climate Action Network. Chloe’s work focuses on bringing together communities across so-called Toronto and connecting a diversity of issues to the fight against corporate power.

Dani Michie (she/they)

is the Digital Organizer. A white settler on stolen land, she organizes for climate justice in solidarity with Black and Indigenous communities on the frontlines of this crisis. Dani got their start organizing with Climate Justice Toronto and currently organizes at the grassroots level for abolition and climate justice.

A white woman with curly brown hair smiling. She is wearing a plaid jacked and leaning against a brick wall.

Evelyn Austin (she/her)

is the Executive Director. Previously, she was a coordinator for Divest Canada, and is a former member of Divestment and Beyond at the University of Toronto.

A white person with wav blonde hair smiling. They are wearing black glasses and white tshirt, against a beige wall.

Levi Clarkson (they/them)

is a Campus Organizing Lead. They have over seven years of experience in grassroots student organizing. Levi has worked with student unions in Halifax and Toronto, as well as the CFS and the Courage to Act Project.

Past Team

Our movement is powered by people. We wish to acknowledge and honour the work of folks who have contributed to our organizing. Although they may not work with us in a formal role today, these organizers are a part of our history and have helped build Change Course

Aliya Hirji

Aliya worked as the social media lead and supported with Toronto actions planning. Aliya is also part of Fridays for Future Toronto and Climate Strike Canada.

Aishwarya Puttur

Aishwarya was the Education Coordinator and supported with recruitment. They are also a part of Friday’s for Future Digital, Teach the Teacher and Save the Okavango Delta.

Kenzie Harris

Kenzie was the Digital Campaigner. She is now working for 2 orgs that support activists: The Climate Justice Organizing HUB and the Global Grassroots Support Network.

Michelle Marcus

Michelle was the Campus Organizing Lead. She is also a co-founder of the Divest Canada Coalition and alumni mentor at Climate Justice UBC.

Naisha Khan

Naisha was the local group and outreach lead. Naisha is also a part of Sustainabiliteens, Climate Strike Canada and Climate Recentered.

Sam Lin

Sam was the lead for recruitment, intake and training. Sam also organizes/works with Kingston Youth Climate Action, The Climate Justice Organizing Hub and Climate Strike Canada.

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