Our Mission

To build a powerful community of youth organizers across so-called Canada who confront fossil fuel financing on their campuses and beyond.
A vivid colourful oil pastel illustration. The art depicts many themes of climate finance. All the bank logos are in the drawing as well as illustrations of the natural world, workers, energy, bankers and waste. It's a very joyful and hopeful portrait of the world we want.

We strive to be a hub for young people to connect with each other, grow their organizer skillset and build a grassroots movement against fossil fuel financing and for climate justice. We center care, accessibility, and student voices in our organizing. Our movement empowers a generation of anti-oppressive, radically imaginative organizers.

Our Theory of Change

If we grow and sustain a base of young people through public education and capacity building that are pressuring the banks to stop financing fossil fuels, divest, and support the alternative solutions we want to see, then the banks will divest because we threaten their bottomline.

Our Principles

We are youth-led. Our movement is by and for young people, who are leading climate justice organizing around the globe and who will live to see the acceleration of climate chaos in our lifetimes.

We are grassroots. Our movement is everyday people working together to build a more hopeful and liveable future. We will always be led by those on the frontlines of this crisis, be it Indigenous land defenders on their territories or students on their campuses. As an organization, we are committed to building power at the grassroots level, supporting youth organizers to take the lead on their campuses and in their campaigns. We trust students and youth to be experts in their communities and we deeply value the wisdom and insight they bring to our campaign. 

We follow the lead of Indigenous land defenders and water protectors. Indigenous people have been stewarding this land for millenia. We acknowledge the deep harm and violence of ongoing colonialism, and our complicity in it (for those of us who are settlers.) All land in so-called Canada is Indigenous land. We respect the sovereignty of Indigenous nations and are committed to showing up for Land Back. We strive to stand in solidarity with Indigenous and Black communities on the frontlines of this crisis. Our work is to listen, learn and lend our capacity to the flourishing and powerful generation of Indigenous leaders who are leading us towards a climate just future. 

We are committed to working in an intersectional, anti-oppressive way. We understand the root causes of climate change as colonialism, capitalism and white supremacy. This reality informs every aspect of our work.

We are committed to accessibility. We are committed to inclusivity and strive to make our movement as accessible as possible. We believe that anyone can organize and that everybody has unique gifts, skills, and experiences to bring to our campaign. We strive to make our in person and digital efforts accessible to disabled people, as well as those who may not have a background in academia. We are always learning how to best accommodate every organizers needs and centre accessibility in our work.

 We are anti-capitalist. We understand that while we are working within a system that is built on racism and exploitation, we must resist false solutions and liberalism. We seek to promote short-term steps that can move financial institutions away from funding fossil fuel expansion, and we acknowledge that capitalism must be abolished in order to truly achieve climate justice.

We are visionaries for a hopeful future. We believe that we will win. Our dreaming is world building. Our imaginations are powerful tools. Our movement is built on a collective hope and yearning for a future where everyone’s needs are met, where land, water, air and animal kin are protected, and where we can flourish in loving community with one another. 

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