Banks Off Campus

We’re calling out big banks on our college and university campuses, demanding our schools cut ties with fossil fuel financiers and kick #BanksOffCampus. Student groups across 17 Canadian campuses are calling on their student unions to divest from fossil fuel funding banks, refuse sponsorships, and end leases with on-campus branches like RBC’s OnCampus project

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A photo of Climate Justice University of Toronto students doing a sit-in protest in the RBC OnCampus branch. A white woman in a red shirt sits on the ground holding the base of a banner. Another white person is partially visible behind the banner, a chinese woman sits in front, they are all on blankets and pillows. A green pillow pet stuffed animal is visible. A white woman with brown hear wearing a sweat suit stands beside the banner with her fist raised. The banner reads "RBC, If you're not moving out, we're moving in!" All of the students are wearing masks.

Bank Switch

Young people are a key client base for Canada’s Big 5 Banks. Banks know that the decisions we make about where to bank as young people can last a lifetime. They want us to believe they are socially responsible and environmentally sustainable, but we know they are funding billions of dollars of fossil fuel expansion projects. We refuse to bank with these institutions, until such a time when they make meaningful commitments to climate, Indigenous Sovereignty, and all forms of life, locally, globally, now, and into the future.

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Two white men in yellow reflective safety vests are standing in a downtown Toronto street holding a black banner that reads "Climate disaster brought to you by" and then shows illustrations of the RBC, TD, Scotiabank, BMO and CIBC logos.

Our Impact

Student and youth organizers have real power. Together we've made a lasting impact on banks brand reputation. In two short years we've grown our movement and drawn the attention of RBC executives. They're scared of us. We will win.

17 campus groups
We're present on campuses across the country, advocating for bank divestment and Indigenous rights.
300 student organizers
Over 300 student organizers have been actively engaged in our Banks Off Campus campaign, working to kick banks off campus. demanding divestement, climate justice and respect for Indigenous sovereignty from Canada's banks.
50+ protests
Across the country students have organized protests and demonstrations targetting RBC and Canada's Big Banks.
3 major wins
We've already won big at the University of Ottawa, the University of Toronto and York University. Student unions have committed to move funds away from fossil fuel funding banks, end sponsorships and publicly support our Banks Off Campus campaign.
A photo of the back of an organizers head facing a crowd. They are wearing a dark blue hoodie and black winter hat, holding a red and white megaphone, chanting to the crowd. Folks in the crowd hold signs and a banner against RBC.

About Us

Change Course (previously Banking on a Better Future) is a youth-led nonprofit based in so-called Canada. We support grassroots organizing on campuses and in communities, targeting fossil fuel funding banks, and advocating for climate justice and Indigenous Sovereignty. Together we are demanding an end to all financial support for the fossil fuel industry.

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