Student win: York Federation of Students

August 21, 2023
A photo of six York students standing in front of the RBC OnCampus at York University. They hold signs that read "RBC funds the climate crisis," "33 million displaced in Pakistan floods stop funding climate chaos," "Real Big Colonizer," "The climate crisis costs lives," "RBC defund Coastal Gaslink" and "Pipeline man camps = Missing and murdered Indigenous women, defund CGL!"

The York Federation of Students votes to close BMO account, moves to a credit union and endorses #RBCOffCampus demands

On March 21, the York Federation of Students officially divested form the Bank of Montreal. In response to student organizing by a coalition including Student Christian Movement, Change Course, and Fossil Free York, the student union has divested from one of Canada’s biggest funders of fossil fuels and endorsed our campaign:

Be it resolved that:

The York Federation of Students endorse the [Change Course] campaign via the divestment of its funds and financial operations from Bank of Montreal (BMO) to a credit union. 

An official statement from YFS states “These greenwashing tactics used by the Big 5 Banks serve as a facade to distract the general public from the harms caused by their ongoing investments. […] They cannot have it both ways. […] Although the movement for climate justice cannot be fought by individual divestent, it is through collective action that we can attain these goals for a just and a brighter future. We call on our sibling unions, campus clubs and individual members to join us in divesting from the Big 5 Bank.”

Solidarity and congratulations to student organizers who continue to win the fight against fossil fuel financing! All power to students and youth!

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