Indigenous, Frontline and Student Voices Dominate RBC AGM 2024

April 12, 2024

Hundreds rallied in the rain for hours in solidarity with Indigenous and Black delegates speaking truth to power inside RBCs 2024 AGM. Community members from across Turtle Island travelled to Toronto to confront RBC and demand they stop funding the destruction of our land, water, air and collective futures.

RBC is Canada’s biggest funder of fossil fuels, financing projects that violate Indigenous sovereignty across the globe, as well as investing in weapons and surveillance tech used in the occupied West Bank of Palestine. RBC finances environmental racism and violence against Indigenous land defenders and water protectors. We refuse to allow the RBC AGM to proceed with business as usual. No peace for RBC while they fund climate chaos!

RBCs racism and cowardice were on full display inside the AGM. The bank did everything in their power to repress dissent and silence Indigenous and frontline voices. The bank cut speaking time down to one minute, cut Chief Na’Mok’s mic while he was still speaking, interrupted several land defenders and did not allow many of the delegates to speak at all, despite travelling great distances to attend. Shame!

Meanwhile, over 250 people travelled to the north end of Etobicoke on a weekday morning, and stood in the pouring rain for hours, to send a message of love and solidarity with those inside. We heard the voices of impacted communities, including Indigenous land defenders, water protectors, students and Palestinian youth.

“Look at this rain that is coming down. You are here because your heart is in the right place. When we go inside and talk to these so-called men of power, the power is here with you. You can make these differences that we all want, that we all need for our future, our children, your children and all of the grandchildren yet to be born.” -Hereditary Chief Na’Moks

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