Dave McKay, CEO of RBC: The Order of Colonial Violence

November 24, 2022

Dave McKay was awarded the Order of Ontario, the highest civilian honour in the province. We are appalled by the decision to reward one of our worst climate criminals and the man at the helm of Canada’s number one funder of fossil fuels: RBC. 

We showed up outside the Royal Ontario Museum to add to our inflatable Dave’s growing number of true awards. A few weeks prior, we name him the “Climate Villain of the Year,” for his role in funding climate chaos and violations of Indigenous sovereignty. We continued this legacy by awarding Dave the “Order of Colonial Violence,” in protest of his ascension to the Order of Ontario. 

We call on the government of Ontario to revoke the Order of Ontario award from Dave McKay. We call on Dave McKay to end RBC’s future fossil fuel investments immediately and reject this award as an acknowledgement for his contribution to genocide, colonialism and climate destruction.

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